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Earcalm Ear Spray 5ml

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Earcalm Ear Spray

What is EarCalm?

EarCalm is a treatment for minor outer ear infections that is applied with a simple spray.

Spray EarCalm into your ears just three times a day to kill the bacteria causing your ear infection and clear it up fast.


What causes outer ear infections?

Outer ear infections are normally caused by a bacterial infection which happens in the outer ear, although they can also be caused by fungi or yeast. Using cotton buds to clean your ear or using hearing aids or earplugs can damage your ear canal, making it more likely that you will develop an outer ear infection.


How does EarCalm treat outer ear infections?

EarCalm contains the active ingredient acetic acid, which is an antibacterial agent. This means that it fights off the bacteria which cause ear infections, treating the problem at its source and helping to clear and relieve symptoms.


How to use EarCalm.

Shake the spray well before use. Place the nozzle tip into the ear and press the pump once to deliver one dose of Ear Calm. Spray one dose into each ear at least three times a day, leaving 2 or 3 hours between each application. Continue using EarCalm for 2 days after symptoms have disappeared, but do not use for more than 7 continuous days. Wipe the nozzle with a tissue after use.


When should EarCalm not be used?

EarCalm is not suitable for those under the age of 12. Do not use EarCalm anywhere other than in the ear. Do not use EarCalm if you are allergic to acetic acid or any of the other ingredients listed. If you have a perforated eardrum, speak to your doctor before using this product. If you experience any pain or your hearing is affected while using this product, stop using EarCalm and speak to your doctor right away.


Active ingredient: Acetic Acid (33%) (2% w/w)

Other ingredients: Ethoxylated stearyl alcohol, ethoxylated stearyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate and purified water.


Over 12 years and above, and the elderly: One metered dose to be administered directly into each affected ear at least three times daily. Maximum dosage frequency one spray every 2-3 hours. Treatment should be continued until two days after symptoms have disappeared, but no longer than 7 days.

Under 12 years: Not recommended except on medical advice.

Cannot be sold over the counter for under 12 years

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