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Instillagel Pre Filled Syringe 11ml x 10

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Instillagel Pre-filled Syringe

Instillagel Pre-Filled Syringe 11ml. Instillagel is a sterile gel containing a local anaesthetic and antiseptic presented in a sterile package. Instillagel is used when putting a tube or instrument into a body cavity. It contains a local anaesthetic to prevent pain and antiseptics to reduce the risk of infection getting in, while lubricating to make the process smooth.

Please Note

Orders will not be processed for general pain relief outside of the licensed indications. Instillagel provides pain relief for approx 30mins and is only to be used for pain relief while using a catheter, during gynaecological and similar investigational procedures.

For all other uses please see your GP

Licensed Uses

Catheterisation, cystoscopy. Exploratory and intra-operative investigations, exchange of fistula catheters, protection against iatrogenic damage in the rectum and colon.


  • Provides lubrication to ease this process
  • Reduces the risk of infection

Do not use Instillagel:

  • If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to lidocaine, chlorhexidine, methyl hydroxybenzoate, propyl hydrobenzonate or any of other ingredients of Instillagel
  • If the moist lining of the application site is damaged or bleeding

Care should be taken when using Instillagel:

  • If you have heart problems
  • If you have liver problems
  • If you are epileptic

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Speak to your GP if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant. You can continue to breast-feed.

Has the gel any side effects?

You might feel a slight stinging just after the gel is used, but this stops as soon as the anaesthetic starts to work. Most people find that there are no problems after the gel has been used but there may be a slight soreness when the effect of the local anaesthetic has worn off. If you feel that you have had any reaction to the gel, please tell your doctor as soon as possible.