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Leukopor Hypo-Allergenic Surgical Tape

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Leukopor Hypo-Allergenic Surgical Tape
Leukopor is ideal for the fixation of dressings, electrodes and other devices. It is particularly suitable for patients with very sensitive skin and long term dressing fixation. Non sterile.
- Backing material is made from polyester viscose non-woven fabric
- Hypo-allergenic polyacrylate adhesive
- For extremely sensitive skin
- Good initial and long term adhesion
- Can be torn easily by hand
- Virtually painless to remove without leaving adhesive residues
- Highly conformable
- Water repellent
Indications for Use:
- Ideal for the fixation of dressings of all types and sizes, electrodes and other measuring element
- Suitable for patients with sensitive skin and for long term dressings

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