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Hydrocoll Bevelled Wound Dressing 7.5cm x7.5cm, Pack 10, 5

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Hydrocolloid Bevelled Adhesive Border Wound Dressing

Hydrocoll is a self-adherent absorbent hydrocolloid dressing with a semipermeable backing which is impermeable to bacteria and water. The hydrocolloid transforms into a gel when in contact with wound exudate and forms a moist environment which has a stimulating effect on granulation and epithelialisation.

Bevelled edge provides optimum fit and reduces risk of rucking and detachment

For moist wound treatment of clinically non-infected, low to moderately exuding wounds, especially wounds with poor healing tendency. In the presence of devitalised tissue, Hydrocoll®facilitates autolytic debridement by creating a moist wound–dressing interface.



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