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Activa Acti Wrap Cohesive Bandage 6cm x 4M x 5

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Activa Acti Wrap Cohesive Bandage

It is a unique, cohesive bandage, easily applied by nurses, patients or carers. Perfect for difficult areas such as heels and elbows. The bandage is cohesive meaning it sticks to itself but not skin or clothing and will not slip down. Pins and tape are not required, potentially reducing nursing time and re-dressing costs. It can be repositioned or re-applied. ActiWrap can reduce the risk of constriction from slippage sometimes associated with non-cohesive retention bandages ActiWrap is a cost-effective method of holding dressings, supporting intravenous cannula, supporting secondary bandages and dressing.

Features and Benefits:

- ActiWrap is a simple, soft and conformable bandage
- The bandage sticks to itself and stays put
- It is ideal for children or in awkward areas and as it requires neither pins nor tape
- It is very easy to apply
- Latex-free
- Can be cut to required length



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