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BSN Cutimed Sorbact Round Swabs 3cm (x 70)

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The Sorbact method

An innovative approach to bacteria-binding therapy.

The force of physical attraction.

Cutimed Sorbact stands for a unique bacteria-binding concept that works without a chemically active agent. Instead, a physical principle is used to cleanse colonised and infected wounds: Bacteria and fungi become physically bound to the dressing by hydrophobic interaction.

Simple and effective.

With every dressing change, the bound wound pathogens are removed easily and efficiently from the wound. This surprisingly simple principle has been successfully proven in numerous studies: Cutimed Sorbact is a reliable product for efficient bacteria-binding wound management without being linked to the risks that might accompany using local antibiotics or antiseptic products



Cutimed Sorbact can be used for all types of contaminated, colonised or infected exuding wounds, regardless of their aetiology, such as

  • chronic wounds, e.g. venous, arterial, or diabetic ulcers and pressure ulcers
  • wounds after excision of fistulas and abscesses
  • postoperative dehisced wounds
  • traumatic wounds

Advantages over other antimicrobial approaches.

No risk of allergies

with Cutimed Sorbact dressing pads, swabs and ribbon gauze as the components are highly skin compatible.

No contraindications

with Cutimed Sorbact dressing pads, swabs and ribbon gauze: All products can be used without hesitation during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as on children.

No cytotoxicity

as Cutimed Sorbact does not release any chemically active substances into the wound that might impair the healing process.

No promotion of bacterial endotoxin release

because, unlike e.g. silver products, Cutimed Sorbact does not destroy bacteria. Thus endotoxin release from dead cells is prevented, and the natural wound healing is supported.

No development of bacterial or fungal resistances

that might be linked with the use of antiseptics or antibiotics as hydrophobic interaction is essential for microbial life.

Please note: Qty's stated refer to number of dressings/swabs, not qty of boxes. Dressings may be supplied loose without original boxes



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