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Dermisplus Contact Silicone Wound Dressing 20cm x 20cm x 5

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Dermisplus Contact Silicone Wound

Dermisplus contact is an atraumatic silicone wound contact layer designed to minimise wound bed trauma and pain associated with the removal of secondary dressings.


- Unique release liner allowing for easy packaging removal and dressing application
- Open mesh allows fluid to easily transfer to secondary absorbent dressing, reducing risk of maceration
- Compatible for use with NPWT, antimicrobial dressings and compression therapy
- Highly conformable, flexible and pliable
- Preferential adhesion for easy application and secondary dressing changes
- Transparent for wound inspection

How to Use:

For dry to heavily draining abrasions, chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers, partial thickness burns, blisters, cuts, abrasions and lacerations, surgical and trauma wounds.

Can be used in conjunction with NPWT and compression therapy.

Contra Indications:

- Full thickness burns
- Cavity wounds
- Individuals with known sensitivity to silicone
- Not for surgical implantation
- Do not use with latex gloves


For use by a healthcare professional trained in the treatment of the specific wound.

The wound should be inspected for signs of infection according to clinical practice.

Dermisplus Contact used on burns treated with meshed grafts: avoid placing unnecessary pressure upon the dressing, imprints can occur if the product is not used properly.

When used on partial thickness burns with high risk of rapid granulation: avoid placing pressure upon the dressing, lift and reposition Dermisplus Contact at least every second day.

When used on bleeding wounds or wounds with high viscosity exudate, Dermisplus Contact should be covered with a moist absorbent dressing pad.

When Dermisplus Contact is used for the fixation of skin grafts and protection of blisters, the dressing should not be changed before the fifth day post application.

Sterile in unopened, undamaged package. Do not re-use. Re-use could result in risk of cross-infection and reduced product performance. Do not re-sterilise.

For external use only.


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