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Dermol Cream 100g

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Dermol Cream


- Extremely effective for dry and itchy skin conditions
- Particularly, useful in treating dermatitis and eczema
- Relieves intense itching and dryness of the skin
- Can be applied directly to the skin or can be used as a soap

Dermol Cream is a wonderful emollient that is often prescribed for dry and itchy skin caused due to infection. It is specifically useful in the management of dermatitis and eczema. By eradicating the infection, the cream relieves itching, burning and dryness. Dermol Cream can be applied directly over affected part or used as a substitute to soap.

Direction of Use:

Follow usage instructions provided on the product
Apply a small amount of cream on affected part
Gently massage until the cream gets absorbed
For use as a soap, apply some cream to wet skin, massage, rinse and pat dry

Side Effects and Precautions:

Immediately consult doctor if experiencing skin rashes after application
Do not let the cream enter the eyes
Do not use any other skin care emollient along with this cream


Active Ingredients - Chlorhexidine Hydrochloride 0.1%, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.1%, Isopropyl Myristate 10% and Liquid Paraffin 10%
Other Ingredients - Cetostearyl Alcohol, Cetamacrogol 1000, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerol, Disodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate, Sodium Dihydrogen, Phosphate Dihydrate and Purified Water


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