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EMLA Cream 5% 5g & 2 Dressings

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EMLA Cream 5%

EMLA Cream is used to numb areas of the skin before injections or minor procedures. EMLA Cream can be used by adults and children

Common Uses

  • Wart removal
  • Before injections
  • Blood Donation
  • Minor skin operations
  • Having a cannula inserted
  • Having a tattoo

Duration of action

When applied as recommended by the manufacturer or your doctor/pharmacist, EMLA cream will numb the skin for around 2 hours.


It is best to speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using this product if pregnant or breastfeeding. Using this cream occasionally should not have any adverse effects during pregnancy, but you should still speak to a medical professional first to be sure that this is safe. If you’re breastfeeding, the lidocaine and prilocaine in this cream may pass into breast milk in small amounts, however this generally will not cause risk for your child,

It is always recommended to speak to a medical professional to be sure that this product is safe for you and your baby.

How to use EMLA cream

  • Apply EMLA cream to the area of skin to numb, squeezing it from the tube into a mound. Do not rub the cream in.
  • Remove dressing (not supplied with 5g packs) from its backing papers, leaving a frame of paper around the outside.
  • Gently place the dressing over the mound of the cream adhesive side down, without spreading the cream under the dressing.
  • Remove the final piece of backing paper and smooth down the edges of the dressing.
  • Leave in place for 60 minutes and allow your doctor or nurse to remove the dressing before the medical procedure.

How much to use

The amount of EMLA cream varies depending on your age.

  • Adults will typically need to use 2g (half a 5g tube) of EMLA cream before a small procedure, but you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using this product so you can be sure that you’re using the right dose for you.


  • EMLA Cream should not be used on infants who were born before 37 weeks.
  • Do not use this product on the genitals of children under the age of 12, or on children under 12 who are also being treated with medicines that affect blood pigment levels.
  • Do not use this product if you are allergic to lidocaine, prilocaine, or any of the other listed ingredients.
  • For external use only.
Do not apply this cream to the following areas:
  • Cuts grazes, or wounds, excluding leg ulcers
  • On skin rash or areas of eczema
  • In or near the eyes
  • Inside the nose, ear, or mouth
  • In the back passage (anus)
  • On the genitals of children

Always read the leaflet in full before use


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