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Pregestimil LIPIL Hypoallergenic Formula 400g

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Pregestimil LIPIL is a special , hypoallergenic formula for babies and children with cow's milk protein allergy , malabsorption and maldigestion.

Why choose Pregestimil LIPIL?

Pregestimil Lipil is a special hypoallergenic formula for infants and children who have problems digesting or absorbing routine infant formula or who have been diagnosed with cow's milk allergy.

The protein in Pregestimil Lipil has been broken down, or hydrolysed, into tiny pieces that are not recognised by the immune system and cannot trigger an allergic reaction in most children.

Pregestimil Lipil is lactose and sucrose free. The carbohydrate in Pregestimil Lipil is readily digested and well tolerated.

Pregestimil Lipil contains a special fat called MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglicerides) that is easily absorbed and has been shown to promote weight gain in infants with fat malabsorption.

Pregestimil Lipil is nutritionally complete and suitable from birth and contains all the nutrients necessary to support good growth and development. After 6 months Pregestimil Lipil will also meet your baby's needs as part of a mixed diet.

What is LIPIL?

LIPIL is a special blend of nutrients DHA and ARA, also known as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. DHA and ARA are present in breast milk and are important building blocks for baby's brain and eye.

If your baby has a cow's milk allergy and difficulty absorbing fat your healthcare professional may recommend Pregestimil Lipil.



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