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Relaxit 12 Microenemas 5ml

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Relaxit Microenemas

Relaxit micro-enema contains sodium citrate, sodium lauryl sulphate, glycerol, sorbic acid and sorbitol solution. Sodium citrate is an osmotic laxative that works by causing water to be drawn into the large bowel. It increases the water content and volume of the bowel contents, which softens the stools and also stimulates the bowel to contract and move its contents along to the rectum.

Glycerol works by irritating the nerves in the bowel wall. These nerves make the muscles in the bowel contract harder and more often, which helps move the stools along. Sodium lauryl sulphate helps to lubricate the stools. Sorbic acid and sorbitol both also have a laxative effect. The combined action of these laxatives helps to soften hard stools and relieve constipation without straining.



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