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Scholl Orthaheel Regular Orthotic Medium

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Scholl Orthaheel Regular Orthotic Medium

Scholl Orthaheel Regular Orthotic is a 3/4 length insert which relieves pain associated with the heel, ankle, knee and in some cases, the lower back. Orthaheel Regular has been designed to help change the position and movements of the feet which can help reduce the amount of pronation that takes place, thus helping to reduce the stresses in the feet, legs and lower back that can lead to aches and pains.

Scholl Orthaheel Regular can help with:

- Pain under the heel.
- Pain at the back of the heel.
- Knee pain.
- Positive benefits for some with lower back pain.

The 3/4 length insert slips into the back of the shoe and runs from the heel along under the arch of the foot, supporting this area. This 3/4 length design makes it suitable for most types of shoes whether wide- or slim-fitting, including low-heeled women's shoes.


Wearing in Orthaheel orthotics may take a few days, as your feet may need to become accustomed to them. If any discomfort occurs, remove them for one or two hours, then wear them again until comfortable. To clean, simply wipe with a warm soapy cloth.

There is a left and right insert in each pack, and both should be worn even if the pain only affects one side of your body. The inserts stay in place without the need for glue so they can be moved between different pairs of shoes.



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