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ADERMA Dermal Pads Large Heel 66801098 - Pressure Ulcers

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ADERMA Dermal Pads Large Heel

ADERMA is designed to help prevent pressure ulcers. It is a range of dermal gel pads that redistribute pressure to protect critical areas. It is typically used on bony areas to help prevent skin damage from pressure, most notably the heel and sacrum.
ADERMA dermal pads are an excellent addition to any care plan for at-risk patients and they can be washed and re-used by the same patient. More and more hospitals and primary care trusts are using ADERMA to help reach their targets of reducing the number of pressure ulcers in their area.
One study showed that ADERMA contributed to a reduction of almost 70% in the number of hospital acquired pressure ulcers when added to a care plan in an acute trust. A reduction in pressure ulcer development was recorded across 6 residential homes over a 3 month period following SSKIN bundle education and the introduction of targeted use of ADERMA.