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Avance Gauze Dressing Kit Large x 5

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Avance Gauze Dressing Kit

Avance Foam is a hydrophobic reticulated polyurethane foam with a large open cell structure intended for use with Negative. Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) systems. The foam distributes pressure across the wound surface and allows the passage of fluid and exudate through the negative pressure system.


Acute wounds; burns requiring skin grafts; venous or arterial insufficiency ulcers responsive to standard therapy; traumatic wounds (i.e. flap or meshed graft); pressure ulcers; diabetic foot ulcers and partial foot amputations; chronic leg ulcers; chronic open wounds; flaps and grafts; dehisced surgical wounds; sternal wounds; abdominal wounds.


Direct positioning over exposed organs, large veins and arteries, tendons or nerves; malignant wounds; untreated osteomyelitis; non-enteric and unexplored fistula; wounds with significant amounts of necrotic tissue or eschar present.