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Paul Hartmann

Hydrosorb Comfort Hydrogel Dressing 4.5cm x 6.5cm x 5

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Hydrosorb Comfort Hydrogel Dressing

Transparent, hydrogel-based dressing designed for wounds with reduced or absent secretions. The semi-permeable polyurethane foil protects the wound against germs and impurities from the outside. The inner layer contains 60% water and maintains a damp environment in the wound, thus supporting the regeneration process of the tissue. Also available with self-adhesive edge (Hydrosorb comfort).


  • Uninfected, superficial or deep rains with low secretions
  • Burns to second degree
  • Softening the necrotic tissue


  • Creating an optimal environment for migrating epithelial cells
  • Easy documentation on wound evolution due to the transparency of the material
  • Atraumatic removal of the dressing, without damaging the newly formed epithelium

60% Water Content:

  • Immediately provides a moist environment to promote wound healing
  • High biocompatibility, conformable fit
  • Permanently moist so does not adhere to the wound
  • Improves patient comfort due to the natural anaesthetic and cooling effect of water on the skin