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Milex Arcing Spring Diaphragm 60mm x 1

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Milex Arcing Spring Diaphragm

Milex Arcing Vaginal Diaphragms For Hormone-Free Birth Control:

A shallow, latex-free silicone membrane covers the round rim. The rim can be compressed across two axises for easier insertion by the user.

These diaphragms feature unique wide seal technology along with a distortion-free rim to provide increased suction for added protection.

All diaphragms MUST be used with a spermicide or contraceptive gel. Since Nonoxynol-9 based spermicide often causes irritation, we usually recommend using the all natural spermicide alternative ContraGel.

We supply these diaphragms on the understanding that you, as our customer, are not our patient for whom we take responsibility for verifying the correct diaphragm size or instructing on correct use.

Contraception with A Diaphragm:

Diaphragms are an excellent barrier contraceptive choice. They offer contraceptive protection with minimal side effects, minimal waste, and a high level of effectiveness.

However, using your diaphragm correctly is critical, so learning exactly how to place it of utmost importance. Your vaginal muscles will have to be able to hold the diaphragm in place, and the cervix must be completely covered by the silicone membrane.

To Maintain Contraceptive Effectiveness:

  • Use only the correct size diaphragm. Do not guess your size
  • Always use spermicide or contraceptive gel
  • Apply more spermicide before additional acts of intercourse
  • Only remove your diaphragm six to eight hours after intercourse

Diaphragm Sizing with A Trained Health Professional:

Our diaphragms are available in seven diameter sizes, from 60mm to 90mm, for a secure true fit. Sizing must be - - determined by a health professional trained in diaphragm fitting.

After you are fitted, you will be shown how to insert and remove the diaphragm. You also will learn how to check if it is placed properly and covering your cervix. An incorrectly placed diaphragm will increase the risk of a pregnancy occurring.


Rare cases of TSS have been reported with diaphragm use. Therefore, if you have a history of TSS should not use a diaphragm.

If you have a silicone allergy, do not use this diaphragm.

Sensitivity to nonoxynol-9 spermicide is a common contraindication, so if you or your partner has any adverse reaction, ContraGel natural spermicide alternative may be a better choice.




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