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Neo G Kids Ankle Support with figure of 8 Strap - Universal Size

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Product details

The Neo G Kids Ankle Support with Figure of 8 Strap is specifically designed for the younger wearer to help provide support and compression around the ankle joint. It can help with instability and injuries such as sprains and strains.

The wrap around adjustable figure of 8 strap enables customisable compression and wearing this support helps reduce excessive flexion, extension, inversion and eversion movements at the ankle. Heat therapeutic neoprene helps with aches and stiffness.


  • Strains, sprains and instability
  • Symptoms of juvenile arthritis
  • Weak or injured ankles
  • Support ankle during sporting and recreational activities

How to use

Adult supervision is recommended

Slip toes and ball of foot through opening, ensuring Neo G logo is on ankle. Wrap upper strap around ankle and secure fastener.
Wrap long strap over and under foot. Continue to pull strap across front of foot and behind ankle in a figure of 8 motion.
Continue to pull strap over front of foot and secure fastener onto front strap.

Hazards and Cautions

  • The above indications may not be suitable for your child's condition, before use always seek medical advice from a physician
  • Only use on intact skin. Do not use if your child has a known allergy to any of the specified materials
  • Avoid if your child has a Neoprene or Nylon sensitivity
  • The product should be applied as illustrated on the box, with adult assistance and/or supervision
  • Check with your child that the product is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restricted. Avoid wearing for prolonged periods (e.g.) whilst sleeping
  • If your child develops a rash, pain is prolonged or conditions worsen, discontinue use and consult a physician

Important info


    • Fully adjustable support allows for a custom fit and blood flow safety
    • Heat therapeutic neoprene material helps warm muscles and joints
    • The product is a Universal Size (fits up to approximately age 12), provides adjustable support, fits the Left or Right ankle and is Unisex
    • Registered with Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, UK as a Class 1 Medical Device
    • Moderate support
    • Blue colour

Wash and Care:

Hand Wash Cold Only. Do not use fabric softener, Dry Flat, Do Not Tumble Dry, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Iron, Store in a cool, dry place.

Material(s): Neoprene, Nylon, Elastane, Polyurethane, Polyester, Polypropylene