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Neotech Care Knee Sleeve Flexible & Breathable Fabric

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Neotech Care Knee Sleeve Flexible & Breathable Fabric


This Neotech Care knee support brace utilizes a Special Knitting Radial Compression Technology increasing the support provided by a standard fabric itself by an extra 20%. The high quality fabric is Comfortable to wear and lets your skin breathe. It is ideal for those who need extra support due to a weak or previously injured knee joint while keeping FLEXIBILITY. This protecting sleeve provides focal support to the knee and surrounding muscles. It will stabilize your knee and help relieve or prevent pain caused by injuries, overuse or repetitive motions.


Legs standing naturally. Measuring Knee circumference 15cm(6") up center of knee cap(Patella)

S: 35-42cm (13.8"-16.5") Length: 22.5cm

M: 42-50cm (16.5"-19.7") Length: 23cm

L: 50-56cm (19.7"-22") length: 23.5cm


Highly Breathable, ultra-LIGHT and Comfortable to wear. Relieves pain, and reduces risk of repetitive injury and helps to Reduce Swelling.

Through Comfortable Pressure and body heat retention, it:

  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Warms Up your muscles faster due to increasing blood flow thus
  • Improving your performance with better Muscle Support and efficiency

This model works well for either the Right or Left knee.

70% nylon 20% polyester 10% Spandex - Eco-Friendly Reduced Packaging