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Thicken Aid 225g

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Thicken Aid

It is quick and easy, takes 50 80 seconds to achieve the consistence required. Be sure not to add extra thickener until after the recommended time has passed. Some liquids need more or less of thickening agent. Thicken Aid can be used to thicken milk, tea, coffee, fresh fruit juices, soft drinks, soups, pureed foods and more. It is gluten free and free from lactose and dissolves instantly.
  • Fully digestable: Allowing most, if not all patients with the condition to consume.
  • Blends quickly and efficiantly: Whether it be dinner or a quick snack, Thicken Aid blends quickly.
  • Neutral taste/Odorless: With the Thicken Aid powder benifiting for haing a neutral taste and being odorless, you are guaranteed the true taste of the original food or fluid.
  • Longevity: The product has a 3 year shelf life, allowing you to use the product as and when required without worrying about short timescales of use.
  • Mixes without difficulty in hot or cold liquids and foods.
  • Stops thickening after one minute of adding thickener.
  • Once thickened food/liquit maintain consistency.
  • Fine white granule powder which is easily disolvable