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Acti-Fast Actifast Tubular Band Purple 20CM x 5M x 1

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Acti-Fast Actifast Tubular Bandage Purple

- ActiFast 2-way stretch tubular retention bandage is and improved.

- ActiFast 2-way stretch can save you up to 40% as the lowest priced 2-way stretch tubular bandage

- The 2-way stretch gives you improved conformability and can reduce unnecessary wastage by up to 20%.

- The versatile ActiFast tubular bandage range is easy to apply and can be cut to size and shape.

- The ActiFast range is safe to use where compression is contra-indicated.

Wet Wrapping Technique using Actifast bandages:

actifastThis is usually only used on small children to break the "itch/scratch cycle" and is a bandaging technique well established in skin care nursing to treat or prevent flare ups of eczema. It is not suitable for all eczema patients and should therefore only be used following medical or nursing advice.

An ActiFast tubular bandage suit is applied in two layers a warm, wet layer covered with a dry layer.

Actifast as a liner for leg ulcers:

Actifast can be used to provide a soft comfortable layer under bandages for leg ulcers.



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