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Actisorb Silver 220 Activated Charcoal Dressing(s) 19cm x 10.5cm

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ACTISORB™ Silver 220 Activated Charcoal Dressings with Silver

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ACTISORB™ Silver 220 Activated Charcoal Dressing with Silver is an activated charcoal dressing with silver, enclosed in a non-adherent nylon sleeve

How does it work?

ACTISORB™ Silver 220 is different from other charcoal dressings, it has a triple action that not only masks odour but also addresses it cause

Antimicrobial action

ACTISORB™ Silver 220 is effective against 150 microorganisms associated with wound infection, including MRSA and VRE

A recent study shows the dressing provides effective antimicrobial action without causing any harm to host cells nor preventing fibroblast proliferation

Odour and exudate management
ACTISORB™ Silver 220 eliminates malodour thereby improving the patient’s quality of life.
As malodour might be accompanied by wound fluids, ACTISORB™ Silver 220 is able to manage exudate and helps maintain a moist wound healing environment


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