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Biatain AG Non-Adhesive Dressing 10cm x 20cm x 5

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Biatain AG Non-Adhesive Dressing

Bacteria in chronic wounds represent a significant barrier to faster wound healing. The level and type of bacteria as well as the general health of the patient determine to what degree wound healing is influenced

Biatain Ag offers sustained silver release during the entire wear time of the dressing. Biatain Ag is based on the Biatain foam technology, which provides superior exudate management and offers high patient comfort due to a soft and flexible foam dressing with bevelled edges

Biatain Ag releases silver ions according to the amount of exudate present in the wound. The more exudate the more silver is released. The release persists for up to 7 days

Biatain Ag demonstrates wide spectrum antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria that are commonly present in non-healing wound.



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