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Contour Plus Blood Glucose Test Strips x 50

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Contour Plus Blood Glucose Test Strips

The Contour Plus test strips use electrochemical technology & (GDH-FAD) enzyme chemistry and therefore does not cross-react with maltose, galactose or oxygen.

Bayer's Contour Plus meter is designed with No Coding technology, to automatically code itself every time you insert a test strip. It offers Second Chance sampling i.e. the meter alerts you when a test strip is under-filled and allows you to add more blood within a certain timeframe. Your test strip is designed to easily "sip" the blood into the sample tip.


- Accurate - delivers closer to lab results, so you can test with confidence
- No Coding and no setup requirements - ready to test right out of the box
- Second-Chance sampling - tells you when to apply more blood if the first sample was not enough
- A long shelf life (24-month unopened shelf life)
- Stability over a range of storage temperatures (030C), and withstands shipping conditions of up to 40C for 2 weeks.


- Number of Strips 50
- Model Number Contour Plus

- Weight 49g
- Length 5.5cm
- Width 4cm
- Height 8.2cm

Brand:Ascensia Diabetes Care Uk Ltd Type:Glucose Blood Test Strips EAN:5016003772900 MPN:4099776


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