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Flaminal Forte is a new class of wound healing agent, called Enzyme Alginogel.

It consists of an antibacterial enzyme system embedded in hydrated alginates. 
Flaminal Forte supports the healing of a wound in a number of ways
  • Keeps the wound clean and moist
  • Offers antimicrobial protection 
  • Safe for the skin and wound tissue 
  • Reduces wound odour caused by bacteria 
  • Helps to reduce excessive protease activity (protease = enzyme that breaks down proteins) 
  • Reduces bacteria released from a biofilm 
  • Protects the wound border 
  • These are the prime properties for ensuring rapid wound healing. 
Flaminal Forte is indicated for moderately to heavily exuding wounds such as: 
  • heavily exuding 2nd degree burns (deep, superficial) 
  • heavily exuding leg ulcers 
  • exuding pressure sores 
  • exuding oncology wounds
  • pre-operative wound-bed preparation 

How to use: 

Applying or renewing Flaminal Forte on a wound is easy and painless. 

Proceed as follows: 

  1. First clean and rinse the wound 
  2. Dab and dry carefully 
  3. Cover the entire wound bed with a sufficiently thick layer (e.g. 4-5 mm) of Flaminal Forte. 
  4. Cover Flaminal Forte with a non-adhesive dressing.  

Do not use Flaminal® (Hydro or Forte) when there is a known allergic reaction to any of the ingredients (see Ingredients).

Special warnings and precautions for use 
- For external use only. 
- The FIRST time a patient is treated for wounds which might reach the level of bones and joints or with exposed bones and joints, the patient should be under observation for at least 30 minutes after the administration of Flaminal® (Hydro or Forte). 
- Once opened can be used for 12 months 
- Some wounds may indicate a complementary treatment. Consult a physician or wound specialist. 
Flaminal® (Hydro and Forte) can be used on infected wounds under medical supervision only
- The gel has a faint odour caused by alginates. This odour has no influence on the healing process. Should there be a sudden distinct odour, consult a physician or wound specialist. 
- Flaminal® (Hydro and Forte) cannot be used on the eyelids or in the eye. Should it come into contact with an eye, rinse the eye thoroughly with running water and consult a physician.

Alginate (total alginate content 5.5% (g/g)); macrogol; enzyme system (glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, glucose, guaiacol); potassium sorbate; potassium iodide; buffer; purified water Ph. Eur


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