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Fortisip Extra Strawberry (200ml)

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Fortisip Extra Strawberry

Fortisip Extra Strawberry can be taken as a sole source of nutrition or in combination with food and drink to gain and/or maintain a healthy weight. The Fortisip Extra range includes 5 milkshake flavours, enriched in vitamins and minerals , providing over 320 calories per Fortisip Extra drink to provide maximum dietary nutrition and healthy weight gain.

Fortisip Extra is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical supervision. Fortisip Extra is a high energy (1.6kcal/ml), high protein (20g protein/200ml bottle), ready to drink, milkshake style nutritional supplement, for use in patients with increased nutritional requirements. Fortisip Extra contains 50% of the RNI for vitamins and minerals in one bottle*

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