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Iodoflex Paste Dressing 6cm x 4cm 5g | Pack of 5

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Iodoflex Paste Dressing

Iodoflex helps with healing with its antimicrobial and desloughing properties. It has broad spectrum antimicrobial action provided by the release of iodine and the desloughing action is provided by the unique cadexomer matrix.


- Helps treat infection
- Effective deslougher
- High absorbency
- Encourages wound healing
- Helps to eliminate odour
- Changes colour: to indicate when dressing change is needed
- Non-adherent: can be removed with saline to help reduce trauma to the patient, and increase patient quality of life
- Biodegradable


- Do not use of dry necrotic tissue
- Do not use where there is a known sensitivity to any of the ingredients
- Do not use on childern, pregnant or lactating women, people with thyroid disorders of renal impairment



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