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Kerracel Non-Adhesive Fiber Dressing 10cm x 10cm x 10

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Kerracel Non-Adhesive Fiber Dressing

KerraCel is a new primary wound dressing made from 100% carboxymethyl cellulose for use on various exuding wounds. It is soft and flexible, is characterized by its high absorption capacity and remains structurally stable even when it is removed from the wound or wound cavity.


The Kerracel Wound Pad Meets The Following Requirements:- Traps exudate 2 and protects the wound area from maceration
- In conjunction with liquid, forms a gel with a wound-soothing effect.
- Maintains a moist wound healing environment.
- Can be removed from the wound bed in one piece.
- Adapts to the wound bed to avoid spaces in which bacteria could colonize.
- Binds harmful components of the exudate (bacteria and matrix metalloproteinases).

Main Purpose:Wound Care Brand:Crawford Healthcare Type:Adhesive Bandage EAN:5060077233751 MPN:4020525


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