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Mepilex Border Heel Foam Dressing 18.5cm x 24cm x 5

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Mepilex Border Heel Foam Dressing

Mepilex Border Heel is an all-in-one foam dressing specifically designed to fit the heel. Its 5-layer absorbent foam structure with Safetac technology, effectively absorbs and retains exudate, and maintains a moist wound environment. This makes Mepilex Border Heel an asset for the use in preventing skin damage and in the treatment of exuding wounds including pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, heel ulcers, traumatic wounds, and other secondary healing wounds.


- Non-traumatic to the wound and to the surrounding skin at removal undisturbed healing
- Less painful for patients at dressing changes less stress for patients, easier care
- Excellent fluid management reduced risk of leakage and maceration
- Maintains moist environment optimized wound healing environment
- Tailored for the heel



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