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Mepilex Border Lite Dressings 4 x 5cm x10 - Wounds Ulcers Tattoos 281000

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Mepilex Border Lite

Thin all-in-one foam dressing for diabetic foot ulcers and other acute and chronic wounds

Mepilex Border Lite is a thin all-in-one foam dressing with Safetacdesigned to create an optimal healing environment for low-exuding acute or chronic wounds such as diabetic wounds or post operative wounds. Mepilex Border Lite dressings with Safetac minimises patient pain and wound or skin damage at dressing changes .

Dressings with Safetac minimise pain and trauma at dressing changes

Thin and conformable to dress wounds on feet and toes, hands and fingers

Very thin and discrete to allow patients to live a normal life

Shower proof ? with a film backing providing a barrier to virus and bacteria (of size >25nm)

When to use Mepilex Border Lite

Mepilex Border Lite is an all-in-one thin foam dressing, designed for a wide range of low exuding wounds: chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers, or acute secondary healing wounds such as post-operative incisions or traumatic wounds (incl. sutured wounds). The soft, conformable dressing maintains a moist wound environment, which provides the wound with an optimal environment for healing. Healing in a moist environment may result in an apparent increase in wound size during the first days of treatment. This is normal and to be expected. Easy to live with, Mepilex Border Lite can be repositioned without losing its adherent properties. Mepilex Border Lite protects the wound by forming a barrier to virus and bacteria (of size >25nm), and is shower-proof.

Mepilex Border Lite is a dressing with Safetac which means less pain for your patients in dressing changes and removal. Mepilex Border Lite is easy to remove and reposition, leaving no residues in the wound or on the surrounding skin, and produces less odour. This makes Mepilex Border Lite an ideal choice for all low exuding chronic and acute wounds such as diabetic or traumatic wounds.

Use Mepilex Border Lite:

  • To dress low-exuding chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers
  • To dress acute wounds such as traumatic or post-operative wounds
  • To dress wounds on areas, such as the feet, toes, hands, fingers
  • To maintain a moist wound environment ? giving the wound optimal conditions to heal

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