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Mepore Ultra Sterile Dressing(s) 9 x 20 cm Waterproof - Wounds Tattoos 671125

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Mepore Ultra Showerproof Wound Dressings
Mepore Ultra is a shower, viral and bacterial barrier (microbes larger than 25nm) for patients. It has optimal absorption capabilities and is designed with an easy to remove protection paper that enables aseptic as well as effortless application. It is also designed to minimise friction between the patient and their clothing/bed
Mepore Ultra are not suitable for as a barrier for water whilst swimming.
- Optimised adherent secures dressing and ensures gentle removal
- Shower- viral- and bacterial-barrier (microbes larger than 25 nm)
- Aseptic, effortless application
- Low friction to bed and clothing with sufficient absorption capacity
Areas of Use
Mepore Ultra can be used in a wide variety of wounds which have low to moderate exudate levels.
These include surgical wounds, minor burns, cuts, and abrasions.
- The backing film allows showering and protects the wound from water and contamination. It also protects clothing and bedlinen from blood or exudate strike-through.
- Due to a highly absorbent pad and a high vapour permeability of the backing film, the dressing offers good total fluid handling.
- The polyacrylate adhesive is designed to be gentle to the skin and at the same time provide secure fixation.
- The easy-to-remove protection paper permits sterile application, as well as simplifies dressing application.
- The stability of the fabric/film laminate also supports ease of application.



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