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Nutricia PrOp

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Nutricia preOp is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under medical supervision. Nutricia preOp is a 0.5kcal/ml, clear, non- carbonated, lemon flavoured, iso-osmolar carbohydrate drink. Nutricia preOp is designed to switch patients from a fasted to a fed state prior to surgery. It has been shown to moderate metabolic responses to surgery, improve well-being, decrease post-operative Ins resistance and attenuate loss of lean body mass*.

Nutricia preOp is a clear, non-carbonated, lemon flavoured, carbohydrate drink that provides 0.5kcal/ml and is safe to use up to 2 hours before surgery.

Nutricia preOp is ready to drink and is best served chilled. Shake well before use.

Patients on morning surgical list

Take a loading dose of 4 x 200ml the evening before surgery and a final dose of 2 x 200ml in the morning up to 2 hr before anaesthesia

Patients on afternoon surgical list
Take a loading dose of 4 x 200ml the morning of surgery and a final dose of 2 x 200ml up to 2 hr before anaesthesia

Water, maltodextrin, fructose, tri potassium citrate, tri sodium citrate, acidity regulator (citric acid), flavour (lemon), sweetener (acesulfame K), sweetener (sodium saccharine).

Nutricia preOp is gluten, lactose, fat, protein and fibre free.

Why have I been prescribed pre-operative nutritional drinks?

Recent research suggests that attention to nutrition before your operation leads to a speedier recovery. These drinks have been specially formulated to help relieve thirst, hunger and anxiety sometimes experienced with surgery, helping you to recover more quickly.

What are pre-operative nutritional drinks?

These drinks are gluten free and lactose free and are suitable for you to take if you are a coeliac or have lactose intolerance.




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