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PICO 7 Single-Use Multisite Wound Dressing 15cm x 20cm

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PICO 7 Single-Use Multisite Wound Dressings

Please note Pico 7 is a special order item that cannot be returned

Pico 7 is intended to be used under Medical Advice and Supervision only 


Treat two incisions simultaneously from one PICO device

For breast surgery, this changes everything

The information on this website is intended for healthcare professionals only. PICO 7 is CE marked for sale in Europe & other markets and is not currently available in the USA.

PICO 7Y Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System (sNPWT) uses our latest PICO 7 technology, with additional features.

- Provides negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) to two dressings on the same patient simultaneously from one small, portable device3.
- Large multisite dressings provides improved conformability compared to standard PICO dressing4.
- Longer 450mm sortport for ease of dressing connection.
- Includes the following same features as PICO 7: quiet pump5, integrated belt clip, vacuum leak indicator and new ‘check dressings’ indicator.

PICO sNPWT has been designed for improved healthcare efficiencies6-7 and enhanced patient experience8-11.

Helps reduce wound complications following breast surgery

PICO Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy has demonstrated the potential to significantly reduce surgical site complications1, dehiscence1 and surgical scar appearance, compared with standard care 12.

- Dehiscence in one breast reduction surgery study was reduced by 38% compared to standard care1 and by up to 75% in a breast cancer therapeutic mastectomy study13, when compared with standard care.
- May help to significantly improve the appearance of scars compared to fixation strips when applied post operatively*12.
- Has the potential to reduce delays in wound healing compared to standard care and, therefore, may help to reduce delays in adjuvant therapy for breast cancer13.
- May help to reduce surgical site infections by 58% whilst at the same time shortening hospital length of stay, as demonstrated in a recent meta-analysis 2.

Featuring unique AIRLOCK Technology

The PICO 7Y multi-function sNPWT system provides patients with gentle 15, absorbent and evaporative dressings16.

- PICO 7Y delivers and maintains NPWT at 80mmHg (nominal) to two closed incision sites simultaneously for up to 7 days, depending on exudate levels 3,8. 'Check dressing' indicator aims to optimise dressing changes6.
- Designed for hard-to-seal or awkward anatomical locations, with fluid management to help minimise the risk of maceration3,8,14.
- In vitro testing demonstrated that once bacteria is within the dressing up to 99.9% of bacteria was locked away from the wound when absorbed into a superabsorber via the AIRLOCK Technology layer 17.