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Polymem Finger Toe Dressing Size 5 x 6

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Polymem Finger Toe Dressing


PolyMem Finger/Toe is a unique, convenient solution for treating wounds on the fingers or toes. Quick and easy to apply and remove 1, the dressing needs no additional dressing materials. PolyMem Finger/Toe contains a cleanser and moisturiser to help cleanse the wound whilst the dressing is in place. The dressings are non-bulky to allow mobilisation of the digit and support optimal healing progress helping with mobility and giving patients the potential to continue working.


- Skin tears,Burns,Rheumatology wounds,Lacerations
- Crush or sporting injuries, or nail avulsion/injuries
- Helps to reduce pain and inflammation
- Cleanses the wound whilst in situ
- Non-adherent for trauma-free dressing changes
- Suitable for fragile skin
- Encourages good concordance
- Maintains a moist wound environment
- Superficial and partial thickness burns