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Rosidal Protective Soft Comfortable Bandage 10cm x 2.5M x 1

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Rosidal Protective Soft Comfortable Bandage

Rosidal Soft is the "ideal" padding - protective, soft and comfortable, used under short stretch compression bandages it provides light padding and helps distribute the compressive pressure of the bandages

Rosidal Soft is used in phlebology and lymphology applications as a foam under padding which helps to ensure an even distribution of compressive pressures created by short stretch compression bandages. By distributing pressure, the Rosidal Soft compensates for minor imperfections in the bandaging technique which may otherwise cause constriction. The interlocking open pores of the foam make compression bandages slip resistant. Tear resistant and skin friendly, Rosidal Soft provides some compression and shaping of the limb when pulled slightly.


- Easy to apply
- Durable and tear resistant
- Length and width wise stretch
- Highly breathable and permeable to moisture
- Machine washable - up to 50 times without loss of elasticity and cushioning effect
- Sterilizable with steam
- Latex free



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