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Rosidal Soft Short Stretch Dressing 12cm x 2.5M x 3

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Rosidal Soft Short Stretch Dressing

Rosidal Soft padding bandage leads to an even pressure distribution of short stretch bandages over the extremity, this makes the compression treatment safe by preventing constrictions. The bandage will not slip as the open pores of Rosidal Soft are interlocking. The skin-friendly, latex-free bandage made from polyurethane foam is highly permeable to air and moisture.

This latex free, skin-friendly padding is made from polyurethane foam which is highly breathable and permeable to moisture. The interlocking open pores provide slip-resistant assurance and can help prevent the compression bandages from sliding.

Durable and tear resistant, Rosidal soft can also be pulled slightly when applied to provide some compression and shaping of the limb.

Rosidal soft can be a cost-effective padding due to its ability to withstand repeated washings and not lose its shape.



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