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Suprasorb A Rope Deep Wounds Dressing 2G 30cm

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Suprasorb A Rope Deep Wounds Dressing 2G

Indicated for moderate to heavily exuding, superficial and deep wounds in the exudation and granulation phase, e.g. pressure ulcers, leg ulcers of various origins (venous/arterial), diabetic foot ulcers, skin donor and skin grafting sites, postoperative wounds, partial thickness burns.

How it works:

- Surplus exudate from the wound is absorbed by the dressing
- Formation of gel through ion exchange

Key benefits:

- High capacity to absorb exudate, due to natural absorption of alginate
- Conforms to any wound bed
- Rapid formation of a soft and gentle gel which binds the exudate
- Bacteria is trapped in the gel
- Easily and safely removed by irrigation with normal saline



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