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Suprasorb P Sensitive Border Lite Silicone Dressing 10cm x 10cm x 10

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Suprasorb P Sensitive Border Lite Silicone Dressing


- Suprasorb P sensitive is a silicone foam dressing also for sensitive skin
- Its multilayer construction provides dynamic exudate management for a moist wound environment
- The silicone wound contact layer minimises the risk of adhesion to the wound when the dressing is changed
- The outer protective film is waterproof and repels bacteria, while also being permeable to water vapour.


- impermeable to bacteria and water
- permeable to water vapour
- provides comfort and a cushioning effect 4)
Soft and comfortable
- minimises pain to the patient when the dressing is removed 2)
- and trauma to the wound and the surrounding skin 2)
- comfortable thanks to absorbent PU foam 5)
Efficient exudate management
- facilitates rapid absorption of exudate into the dressing
- maintains moist environment 2)
- reduces the risk of maceration 1)

Fields of application:

For treating the following wounds:
- acute and chronic
- moderately to heavily exuding
- superficial and deep (in combination with a primary wound dressing)

- pressure ulcers
- leg and foot ulcers
- traumatic wounds
- surgical wounds
- skin graft and donor sites
- skin tears
- burns (1st and 2nd degree)

can be used in combination with gels also on dry or necrotic wounds


- Silicone wound contact layer is suitable for fragile skin.
- Minimises pain to the patient and trauma to wound and the surrounding skin when the dressing is removed or repositioned.
- Efficient exudate management reduces the risk of maceration and maintains moist environment.
- Shower-proof.
- Easy application with 2 or 3 liners, which allows to not touch the adhesive with gloves.
- Great conformability in awkward areas.
- Gentle on the skin.

Main Purpose:Wound Care Brand:Lohmann & Rauscher Type:Wound Dressings EAN:Does not apply Material:Silicone MPN:4146106


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