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Tegaderm Foam Non Adhesive Dressings 8.8cm x 8.8cm 90604

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Tegaderm Foam Non Adhesive Dressings

3M Tegaderm Non Adhesive Foam is a non adherent primary dressing, formulated to adapt to changing wound environments through the unique construction of its four layers

A non-adhesive foam dressing that effectively handles low to high exudating wounds. Innovative layer technology absorbs and evaporates moisture to maintain an optimal wound healing environment


- Rapidly wicks away exudate and retains in the highly absorbent core
- Easy to apply
- Barrier to strike-through
- Fenestrated to fit around tracheostomy and other tube exit sites
- Protects against external bacteria and viruses
- Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes
- Excellent exudate management performance�?
- Increased wear time of up to 7 days

Suggested Applications:

- Indicated for use as a primary or secondary dressing for use on partial and full thickness dermal wound with low to high levels of exudate such as;
- Pressure ulcers
- Ulcers of the lower extremity
- Skin tears
- Donor sites
- Surgical wounds
- Abrasions
- Superficial partial thickness burns
- Neuropathic ulcers

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