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Teleflex Catheter Valve Sterile 850560 x 5

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Teleflex Catheter Valve Sterile 850560



Catheter Valve - Discreet Option For Improved Independence And Comfort

- discreet and comfortable option for convenient urine drainage
- provides more independence and mobility
- gives a feeling close to normal bladder function
- no need for a urine drainage bag
- easy to handle, even with limited manual dexterity, due to a comfortable lever tap mechanism
- inconspicuous due to lever tap with low profile lever that lies flat against the tube end
- secure connection ensured by a ridged universal connector
- suitable for all common catheters
- latex free
- sterile
- single use

When you lead an active lifestyle, you need a catheter solution that allows you to carry on with everyday life and to be out and about whether on business, pleasure or travelling. The Teleflex catheter valve improves your mobility and gives you more independence and comfort, since it makes wearing a urine  drainage bag no longer necessary.

The Teleflex catheter valve is a discreet lever tap which is connected to the catheter funnel and enables the bladder to be emptied easily and freely.

Teleflex offers here another option for a safe, comfortable and discreet continence management. Convenient and close to normal life: improving your quality of life.

Secure & discreet:

the lever tap provides a low profile lever, which lies flat and discreetly against the tube end a ridged universal connector ensures a secure connection and is suitable for all common catheters Safe - to achieve the best safety and leak tightness results, it is recommended to open the valve and  empty the bladder regularly as determined by your healthcare professional

Comfortable - the catheter valve is an alternative to wearing a urine collection bag allowing the bladder to be drained freely and discreetly at any time, wherever you are

Convenient - the lever tap mechanism makes the handling easy, even for a user with limited manual dexterity 

Flexible - the catheter valve features a silicone extension tube to connect a urine collection bag (e.g. during the night)

Suitable - considering your individual general and anatomic condition, your healthcare professional will advise you if a catheter valve is the best option for you

The information provided here is no substitute for consulting a physician and carefully reading the instructions for use.

Connect the catheter valve securely to the funnel of the catheter and make sure that the lever tap is in closed position.

If desired, a urine collection bag can be connected with the silicone extension tube of the catheter valve (e.g. during the night). In this case the lever tap has to be opened so that the urine can flow freely into the bag.

Brand:Teleflex Medical Type:Catheter Valve MPN:3939527