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Trachi Naze+ Plus Stoma Stud Short x 2 - LATNP2005

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Trachi Naze+ Plus Stoma Stud - LATNP2005



1) When the stoma has been cleaned and dried, the Stoma Stud measuring guide is used to measure the width and depth of the stoma opening.

2) To ensure a snug fit, the size is checked with the Stoma Stud shaft resting on the corresponding cutout on the measuring guide.

3) The chosen filter cassette is brought towards the Stoma Stud and placed in its rim.

4) The rim of the Stoma Stud is then pulled gently around the filter so that the filter cassette rests inside the lip of the Stoma Stud.

5) With the shaft of the Stoma Stud folded to make insertion easier, the stud and filter cassette assembly can now be placed into the stoma.

6) The Stoma Stud should fit snugly (not tightly), with the rim anchoring the stud in place.

Changing Filter Cassettes

Filter cassettes should be changed at least twice every 24 hours. Mucus will adhere to the back surface of the filter.

Remove the Stoma Stud by holding it and pulling it forward gently while turning it.

Peel the filter cassette out of the Stoma Stud and replace it with a new one.