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Urgoclean Dressing Rope 2.5 x 40cm x 5

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Urgoclean Dressing Rope

Rope with poly-absorbent fibres ans sterile probe.

Its composition includes a generation of hydro-desloughing fibres with a high capacity to absorb exudate, drain and trap sloughy residues, combined with a soft-adherent TLC (technology lipido colloid) layer at the wound/dressing interface.


- Similar absorption to that of Aquacel
- Bacteria trapping
- Retention
- conformability
- Haemostatic properties
- Available as a rope with probe


UrgoClean Rope is indicated for the desloughing phase of exuding cavity and sinus wounds, chronic wounds (leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers), acute (traumatic), post-operative and oncological wounds.


- Do not use in fistula wounds with a diameter less than that of the probe.
- Do not use on dry wounds.
- Do not use as surgical packing (non-resorbable rope).
- Do not use in endo-nasal area in rhino-sinus surgery.



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