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Activa Cellona Shoe Adult Size 35-38

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Activa Cellona Shoe Adult Size

Cellona Shoe is a dressing protection shoe which can be worn over dressings either as a closed shoe or a sandal.

When closed, Cellona Shoe offers reliable protection all around: the back of the foot is covered by a softly padded flap which protects foot and toes against cold and wet conditions. If it is placed onto the inside sole before putting on the shoe, Cellona Shoe is changed into a sandal and there is free air circulation to the foot.

Cellona Shoe provides the bandaged foot with a reliable hold while walking - no matter whether the shoe is worn open or closed. The integrated hook/loop fasteners allow an individual adjustment to the foot. A buckle in the ankle area supports perfect adjustment and fit. The non-slip special profile allows safe walking with Cellona Shoe even in wet weather conditions.

Cellona Shoe can be worn both on the right and left foot. Its adjustable hook/loop fasteners make it conformable to any dressing - like wound dressings, Plaster of Paris or synthetic casts or to vascular or lymphoedema bandage systems.