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Activon Manuka Honey Dressing Tube 25G x 5

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Activon Manuka Honey Dressing Tube

Activon Tube contains 100% Manuka honey with no additives from New Zealand. Our Manuka honey is filtered and sterilised, making it suitable for application to wounds. Manuka honey will de-bride and de-slough, eliminate odours and provides a moist wound healing environment.

Activon Tube is ideal for debriding necrotic tissue, or for topping up dressings where the honey has been washed away by exudate. Great for using in cavities, just wash away with saline solution.


- Anti-bacterial, effectively kills harmful bacteria
- Anti-inflammatory
- Eliminates odours without masking them
- Osmotic effect, drawing harmful tissue away from the wound bed
- Maintains the ideal moist wound healing environment

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