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Advazorb Self Adhesive Bordered Dressings 15cm x 15cm

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Advazorb Self Adhesive Bordered Dressings

Advazorb Border Lite are absorbent atraumatic self-adhesive bordered dressings with a unique perforated soft silicone wound contact layer.

The silicone wound contact layer has pores which enable the passage of exudate into the absorbent foam whilst protecting the fragile wound bed. This combination ensures the dressings comfortably stay in place whilst minimising the potential for maceration.


- Small 2mm hole pore soft silicone wound contact layer
- The silicone border prevents the need for a secondary dressing or fixation
- Silicone adhesive combines security with pain free dressing changes
- Waterproof backing enables the patient to shower without the need to replace or cover the dressing