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Aquacel AG+ Extra Silver Hydrofiber Wound Dressings 4cm x 30cm

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Aquacel AG+ Extra Silver Hydrofiber Wound Dressings
Aquacel AG+ Extra Silver Hydrofiber Wound Dressings
AQUACEL Ag+ dressings comprise two powerful technologies working synergistically to manage the key local barriers to wound healing - exudate (weeping fluid), infection and biofilm.
Ag+ Technology is a unique ionic silver-containing, antibiofilm formulation that:
- Disrupts and beaks down biofilm slime ro expose bateria
- Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, including antibiotic resistant superbugs, with its reservoir of silver
- prevents biofilm formation
Hydrofiber Technology helps create an ideal environment for healing ? and for Ag+ Technology to work.
- Locks in excess exudate, bacteria and biofilm to help minimise cross infection and prevent maceration
- Micro contours to the wound bed, maintaining optimal moisture balance and eliminating dead spaces where bacteria and biofilm can grow
- responds to wound conditions by forming a cohesive gel, while helping to minimise pain associated with dressing changes
AQUACEL Ag+ Extra dressing may be used for the management of:
- wounds as a barrier to bacterial penetration of the dressing as this may help reduce infection
- wounds where there is an infection or an increased risk of infection (Extra? only);
diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers, (venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers and leg ulcers of mixed aetiology) and pressure ulcers/sores (partial & full thickness);
- Surgical wounds
- Traumatic wounds
- wounds that are prone to bleeding, such as wounds that have been mechanically or surgically debrided;
- oncology wounds with exudate, such as fungoides-cutaneous tumors, fungating carcinoma, cutaneous metastasis, Kaposi?s sarcoma, and angiosarcoma
- wounds where bacteria are a suspected cause of (or a factor in) chronicity /non-progression.
In addition, AQUACEL Ag+ Ribbon dressing may be used for cavity and deep wounds including sinus, undermining and tracking wounds