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Aquacel AG Foam Adhesive Dressings 12.5 cm x 12.5cm 420627

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Aquacel AG Foam Adhesive Dressings
The only silver foam dressing that offers the healing benefits of a Hydrofiber contact layer, the comfort of foam and the bacteria-killing power of ionic silver.1
AQUACEL AG Foam dressings give you:
- A waterproof top layer that permits evaporation of excess moisture while protecting against viral/bacterial penetration,2 allowing the patient to shower and bathe
- A soft, absorbent foam pad to enhance patient comfort and absorb excess fluid
- A Hydrofiber layer with ionic silver that gels on contact with wound fluid and helps provide an optimal environment for wound healing
- A gentle silicone adhesive that provides secure, skin-friendly adhesion, easy removal and demonstrated low potential for dermal irritation or allergic contact sensitisation3
The addition of ionic silver provides the ability to kill a broad spectrum of wound-related microbes in the dressing through:
- Rapid and effective antimicrobial action1, 4-5
- Controlled release of ionic silver as wound exudate is absorbed into the dressing1, 4-5
- Sustained antimicrobial activity for up to 14 days1, 4-5