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Atrauman Tulle Dressing 7.5cm x 10cm, Pack 50, 25

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Atrauman Tulle Dressing

Non-medicated ointment dressings made of hydrophobic, close-weave polyester tulle, with smooth surface structure, impregnated with a neutral ointment mass; their vegetable fatty acids actively support lipid metabolism and thereby promote healing process; without additives of vaseline or other paraffins; permeable to exudate, particularly soft and good drapable, does not stick to the wound; even effective during long-term use and they are neither sensitising nor allergising.

The Ointment Mass Contains:

Ester mixture of natural or vegetable fatty acids, bound as di- and triglycerides.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pore size 1mm
  • Prevents granulation tissue from penetrating the dressing
  • Impregnated with Neutral Triglycerides (Fatty Acids)
  • Does not contain Vaseline or Paraffin, leaving the wound residue free Keeps wound edges
  • soft and supple, avoiding contraction of scar tissue 
  • Enhances non-adherent properties minimising pain and trauma on removal
  • Hydrophobic polyester fibres
  • Permits the passage of exudate and air
Brand:Hartmann Type:Dressings MPN:2813038