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Avance Film With Safetac x 5 (Part of the Avance NPWT system)

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Avance Film With Safetac

Avance film, adhesive transparent film with Safetac; For sealing the connection when using the Avance negative pressure pump.

The sterile transparent polyurethane film is provided with a non-wound adhesive Safetac (silicone) adhesive layer. The fixation layer is made of soft silicone; In contact with the wound, the film does not adhere to the wet wound bed. Even in difficult conditions, if the wound moisture becomes sticky or dry, the soft silicone guarantees a minimum of pain and trauma in connection with changes. The film can be lifted and replaced without losing adhesion.


- Semi-permeable
- Non-adhesive Safetac (silicone) adhesive layer
- No skin stripping upon removal
- Can be lifted and repositioned


- Remove a shovel sheet
- Cover the entire bandage and 2-3cm surrounding skin with the foil
- Remove the second shovel sheet
- To the foil with thumb and index finger
- Cut a small opening in the middle
- Place the transfer pad on this opening