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Avelle Negative Pressure Wound Therapy 12cm x 31cm x 5

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Avelle Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Dressing Pack

Introducing the first system to combine negative pressure wound therapy with Hydrofiber Technology. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy delivered in a simple, discrete, canister-less system.

When it comes to creating an environment conducive to healing, you already know what negative pressure wound therapy can achieve. But combine two powerful technologies, and you could achieve even more*

The Avelle™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System brings together negative pressure with the power of Hydrofiber® Technology, which is designed to help create an ideal environment for healing.

  • Gentle silicone adhesive border secures the dressing in place.
  • Stitch-bonded Hydrofiber® wound contact layer gels on contact with wound fluid and is designed to maintain dressing integrity on removal.
  • Hydrofiber® core gels on contact with wound fluid locking in exudate and the bacteria it contains. Channels in the Hydrofiber® core are designed to allow fluid to move throughout the dressing ensuring exudate is locked away
  • Foam layer is designed to aid distribution of negative pressure across the dressing
  • Film layer provides a bacterial and viral barrier, is showerproof, and permits evaporation of exudate aiding overall fluid handling.