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BAPSCARCAR Gel 20g BAP Scar Care Medical Silicone - Faster Healing

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BAPSCARCAR Gel BAP Scar Care Medical Silicone Faster Improved Healing

BAPSCARCARE is a medical, silicone therapy that ensures quicker and improved healing of the skin. BAPSCARCARE ensures that existing scars become flatter, smoother and thinner. The scar is less disfiguring, and in many cases becomes almost invisible. BAPSCARCARE ensures visible reduction, even in cases of thickened scar tissue having formed thick ?strands? on the skin. BAPSCARCARE comprises 4 products, with scientifically proven effectiveness.

The products are also extremely comforting to apply and use. BAPSCARCARE provides appropriate treatment ? from small facial scars to larger, more problematic scars. An example is our scar gel which provides a sun protection factor of 25 (SPF 25) to protect scars against damaging UV radiation.


- Scars are prevented, fade or disappear
- BAP Medical Reduced discomfort from itching, pain and redness
- BAP Medical Softer, more flexible skin